Mini-brochure suite—big bang for little bucks!

Today we all work on saving money while getting our message out there. New materials must be fresh and exciting, communicate a big message in a small space, and be kind to our bottom line. ADG has done just that for ourselves with a 5 x 7 two-sided mini-brochure, envelope, fun business cards and return address label. We can say it all with style while maintaining a smaller project cost. Interested? Give us a call, we would love to hear from you! 630.486.9702.

One-page ad update—a little bit of fun!

At ADG, we have created these one page catalog sales ads for a favorite client for many years. The ad design has always been driven by the requirements of product copy and order form/order information. It's difficult to decide to make a change at times, when sales are so important, but with research showing that 90% of sales from these ads come through the online store and not the included order form, we made the change to eliminate product descriptions and order from/info, using the space for product images that are a bit more fun. Making the online store URL hard to miss, customers can get to the store with ease to purchase product!

Four-page folded brochure & sell sheets

Another mini-communication suite ADG created using exceptional design while optimizing the price and scope of the project. A 6 x 11 folded mailer becomes a mini-brochure that packs a large branding and communication punch! We did two versions of this mini-brochure, one with a mailing panel and one without, to optimize space when handing materials out in person on a sales call. The sell sheets enhance the mini-suite of materials. These pieces can be built upon in the future if needed, however as an "intro package" they deliver great results without huge upfront project fees.

Photoshop—how do you do that?

Often deadlines and budgets are tight and product shots must be pulled out of thin air. What do you do if you have a background shot, product shots from the manufacturer and logo imprints for each product, but not enough time to actually get imprinted product for a photo shoot before your print deadline? With the right images and Photoshop, we can work magic for you and your project!

Thank you card with gift card

A thank you gift is a great way to show client, or potential client appreciation. This mailer is standard envelope size, and is ready to have a coffee gift card attached. The amount of the gift is controlled by you. This type of product has many, many possibilities!

Four-page seasonal folded mailer

Scheduled seasonal mailers are the perfect way to keep your company, your products and your message fresh with your customers and potential customers. Four times a year or more with a branded and identifiable look and message means that your company will not be forgotten. Better yet, include a special offer that will make your customer's want to call and discuss their projects and needs!

Branding, logos, illustration, photography, packaging, Photoshop...we do it all!

A great look overall is the best way to have a start-up, or established business, look like they mean business, take care with their product and their customers and love what they do. Careful product research, branding and identity means that your mission, your product and your company are attractive, inviting, sought after and hard-to-forget. We have the capability to pull the whole thing together, from logos and identity, product design, marketing materials, web presence and packaging.